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About My Camera Focus, from John

I have been into photography for over twenty years, which yes, means I did start in the film days. I served in the Australian Army, here and overseas, and found photography to be a fascinating hobby, and much needed contrast to that work.

Once my Army days were over, a less stressful way of life was needed. We found a way to enjoy life, and provide a service to our community. My Camera Focus was started in early 2010 to assist others, whose interest in photography equalled mine.

Within a year, My Camera Focus had such an incredible amount of support and had grown so much, we formed a company. John’s ability to make dreams reality has ensured My Camera Focus continues to grow and now serves a worldwide photographic community.

We enjoy being leaders in this field, and I find assisting others in photography to be very rewarding. Over the years, I have used many different configurations of camera gear, and find today’s equipment awesome. As a photographer, I use most of the camera gear we sell, as much as time allows, so can offer practical advice on most of the products you might purchase.

We pride ourselves on being an Australian owned and operated company that offers first-class customer service and competitive prices. We take time to understand your photographic needs, help you find your dream purchase, and provide great before and after sales support and advice.

Please enjoy our online shopping experience and join our online community. It’s great to connect and interact with customers, Fans, Followers and supporters, sharing the talents and joy of photography.