Frequently Asked Questions

About My Camera Focus

What makes My Camera Focus so popular in such a competitive market?

  • Our advertised prices are the total price. There are no surprises for you at the checkout with added costs such as shipping fees.
  • We strive to make your shopping experience with us as pleasurable and trouble-free as possible and offer great before and after sales support.
  • We pride ourselves on selling what you need, and our customers vary from experienced photographers to new photography enthusiasts and everyone in-between.
  • We keep our prices competitive, with no hidden costs or surprises.
  • We enjoy photography, and communicating with you to understand exactly what your needs are. We enjoy researching, and successfully fulfilling your photographic needs.
  • We support our customers’ inquisitive, developing, and changing photographic interests by responding to enquiries and technical questions on the day they are asked, or within 24 hours if further information is needed.

Where in the world are you?

We are a registered Australian business, in Perth, Australia, and deliver photographic equipment worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out what is in the box of my product before ordering?

We provide a useful ‘What in the box?’ tab under each product shown on the website. Have a look at what the manufacturer provides before you purchase.

Do your products come with Australian chargers and manuals?

Yes. Everything is Australian-compatible.


How can I place an order?

You can order using this flash bang website, over the phone -call +61 413 667 356, or by email at

Do you offer discounts on multiple item packages?

Yes. All prices are set at One-Off buy and Delivery, but if you are purchasing a package of multiple items, please contact us to see what discounts we can offer.

Do you charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?


Yes. All these products are Australian stock and come with Australian suppliers Warranty, you will be able to claim the GST or TRS back

Sigma, Pentax, Zeiss, Vanguard, Sandisk, Bowens, Metz, iON, Black Rapid, Kenko, Slik, Hoya, Tokina, Richo, Tamrac.

No. All other stock are ..Our internet store sells imported stock so we do not charge GST. Point of sale is from overseas, unless otherwise arranged before ordering.

Can I make a claim under the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)?

Yes on these products.

Sigma, Pentax, Zeiss, Vanguard, Sandisk, Bowens, Metz, iON, Black Rapid, Kenko, Slik, Hoya, Tokina, Richo, Tamrac.

No, as we don’t charge GST, you can’t claim the GST back. On direct imported products not listed in the above list.

Will there be any hidden costs at the checkout?

No. All advertised prices are all inclusive. What you see is what you pay.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes after pament you will receive a detailed invoice by email.

How long does order processing take?

We process your order as soon as payment has been received and cleared. Most orders will arrive at your door within 5 working days or less.


What warranty is offered?

Australian Suppliers Warranty on these Products.

Sigma, Pentax, Zeiss, Vanguard, Sandisk, Bowens, Metz, iON, Black Rapid, Kenko, Slik, Hoya, Tokina, Richo, Tamrac.

All other stock not in the above list is as follows..

We offer 12 months’ warranty on all our products. Our Warranty is consistent with Manufacturers’ warranties. My Camera Focus covers your purchased warranty.

We also cover for D.O.A (Damage On Arrival) if your product arrives damaged or faulty. Your product will be replaced immediately.

What if there is a problem with product use, and my purchase is under warranty?

Be assured, you will not have to send your products back to us or overseas. We want you photographing again as soon as possible.

The first step is to contact us, and we help you solve the issue. For repairs needed, solving that issue may require that you take your product to your local repair agent, and we sort it out from there.

Do you offer extended warranties?

Yes. We can offer you 3-7 years’ extended warranty through MACK warranties. We sell extended warranties at cost price, making My Camera Focus at least 50% cheaper than our competitors on these warranties.


What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund if your products are damaged, D.O.A. or not as described. We will also pay the postage cost for the return of the products.

What happens if my product needs to be repaired?

We recommend and use the manufacturer’s repair agent to do the repair. See the product warranty information.


How much is shipping?

The shipping cost is included in the advertised price. There are no added costs at checkout.

What countries do you ship to?

We deliver our photographic equipment worldwide.

How long does delivery take?

The delivery time is a combination of Order Processing Time and Shipping Times, which are as follows:

  • Order processing occurs as soon as payment has been received and cleared.
  • Shipping Times vary, and are not controlled by us, however most parcels reach their destination within 3-5 working days of dispatch.

How long does it take for money to clear?

  • Credit Card: 1 working day.
  • PayPal (with verified address): 1 working day.
  • PayPal (with unverified address): 1-2 working days.
  • Bank Transfer / Direct Deposit: 1-2 working days.

Can we pick up our order in person?

Yes. We are located in redcliffe , Queensland 4020. If you are local, call us and arrange to pick up your order.

Do I get a discount for local pickup?

We are an internet-based business. The in-person pick up option is available for customer convenience. The price will stay the same in most cases, but we’ll do what we can for you.